Welcome to the Co-Pilot Collective

The Co-Pilot Collective is an online community started by Greg's Wings Projects.  Greg's Wings is a not-for-profit organization created to initiate projects in honour of Greg Price. Greg was an outside the box thinker and a bit of a dreamer. He loved to challenge himself and encouraged others to do the same. He believed in our ability to overcome any obstacle and always took the time to understand the perspectives of others so that he could help them achieve their goals. The Co-Pilot Collective is a community of people who share the common belief that together we can have a positive impact on healthcare.  By joining the Collective and becoming one of our Co-Pilots you are agreeing to the following Collective Commitment:

  • OPTIMISM – We believe that together we can have an impact.

  • DIVERSITY – Co-Pilots embrace, encourage and desire diversity in experience and opinions.

  • TEAMWORK– Co-Pilots support each other and work together to dream, test, iterate, and persevere.

  • SHARING – Co-Pilots are open to learning from others and share their knowledge to help others.

  • FAIRNESS – Co-pilots are fair and treat everyone fairly. We respect each other.

  • HONESTY – Co-pilots tell the truth and trust that others will do the same.

We hope the Co-Pilot Collective is a place to have discussions like we used to have with Greg – one that encourages everyone to share information, get to the real issues and brainstorm about the right solutions. We hope everyone will learn from each other, build on our collective knowledge and be part of the conversation about the future of healthcare.